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Esford Swords and Armoury...Australia's Leading supplier of authentically crafted items including  swords, daggers, helmets, mail, armour and various accessories that span many eras and interests

We are the Regional Distributors for Deepeeka Exports in Australia and New Zealand.  Deepeeka has an exhaustive repertoire of Antique Reproductions and Handicraft items, with an emphasis on creating high quality replicas as historically accurate  as possible. Deepeeka  combine traditional patterns with modern materials to match the legacy of the original masterpieces.

Please visit the Deepeeka website  here - to view their complete range, and if we do not stock a particular item listed on our site then we are able to order the product in.  All items that can be viewed at our warehouse in Brisbane, Australia, which you are welcome to visit

The prices shown are in Australian Dollars, inclusive of GST, ex. Brisbane. Out of stock items are not priced but we would be happy to supply estimated prices and probable delivery dates. The prices shown are for Retail Sales. For bulk orders & for re-enactor's discounts please contact us for our Wholesale Prices.

There is a link to our Contact Form above of each page, PH. 0409 878551  or you may use our e-mail link . We'll get back to you with details of availability, expected delivery times and delivery options

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